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Frustrating? You Bet.

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

The constant talk about the death of Gaddafi and the ‘freeing’ of the Libyan people is enough to drive one bonkers. The fact that one man is dead – violently murdered – has no direct connection to freeing anyone. People are still the same old self-imprisoning followers they always were and that will be demonstrated with Gaddafi’s replacement. The fact that one man can hold so much power is a clear proof of this fact.

Go ahead. Rejoice in murder and scape-goating, but the actual truth had been seen a thousand times. People are currently rioting and demonstrating and occupying around the world. Why isn’t this being mentioned in the same breath as the death of another leader? So few of us see the parallel. But whether you want to ignore that fact that Western countries around the world are experiencing the same thing as an Arab spring doesn’t make the truth go away.

The bottom line? Get ready for more. People are getting more informed despite this latest celebration of murder. This is why we see the Arab Spring and the Occupation of Wall street demonstrations around the world. It isn’t about any specific leaders or any new situation. It is about the basic ruling class dropping down another notch. First it was bloody conquerors, then Kings, then smiling and backstabbing premiers and presidents. With the knowledge of the power we we surrender becoming the power that hurts us, there is a leveling. This great leveling will continue as long as we communicate. The beginning of the end is here, and it can’t be stopped.

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An Effective Revolution or a Mob of Disgruntled Sheep?

October 12, 2011 Leave a comment

An Effective Revolution or a Mob of Disgruntled Sheep?

How can you tell the difference? We may need to look at the definition of the word ‘Revolution’: 1. overthrow of government: the overthrow of a ruler or political system 2. major change: a dramatic change in ideas or practice (Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.)

Which definition applies to what is occurring in the Arab Spring countries? Is this what is happening on Wall Street? I doubt the ‘Occupiers’ intend to hunt down and murder Obama the way they seem to be doing with Gaddafi. In fact, I doubt the occupiers of Wall Street and their compatriots around the world have a clear idea about exactly what they want. This is exactly the point.

How do you get to your destination if you haven’t even defined it clearly?

Is there a plan?

What happens when you do capture the bad guys and force them to capitulate?

There are 5 key problems with the current revolutions around the world – be they the Arab spring or college kids camping out in front of City Hall:

1. If you are demonstrating to the leaders, you’ve already lost – you’re putting them in charge.
2. You haven’t a plan or alternate solution, so you’re asking others to make one – they’ll only make a ‘bad’ one.
3. If you really were interested in Revolution: either overthrowing the Gov or making big changes, you wouldn’t do it by marching unless marching and occupying and camping out was a way to advertise and point to your new plan.
4. There is no key organization because there is no key consensus because there is no way for the ‘people’ to communicate and create one.
5. Any real revolution will happen when individuals realize it is their responsibility and they peacefully build a viable replacement for they system they want changed.

Any of the ‘revolutions’ you see on TV lately, including those since the start in Tunisia on December 17th, 2010, are doomed to very minimal success because of the 5 key points above. For people to have a fair share of the money, or the power, or the resources, they need to understand how the world works (at least the basics) and be part of a group that asserts justice by them and for them.

Have you seen the graphic of the group of little fish coming to eat the big fish? This signifies groups being able to overtake the current big bad bullies. But, it misses a key point: by recognizing and obeying the big bad bullies, we keep them in place. And, number two: these big bad bullies are organized. They have troops they pay with real money that shoot real bullets. If you take over the head, but leave the rest of the population unarmed and powerless, you will always have just another big bad bully in charge. If everyone is given the power to shoot. If everyone is given the power to vote and to lead, there is no need for the big bad bully and he no longer has any power.

Germany could have done much better in the mid 1930’s if the people had a way to communicate and they recognized it was their responsibility to do so. So many millions dead later, Germany lost more than it hoped to gain. After 9/11 a similar nightmare occurred. The USA is no longer on top financially and millions are dead as a result of mis-directed aggression and frustration. The owners of the bombs and their makers and bankers will never provide peace for the common person. They will make soldiers of them so they can maintain their lifestyle. This is similar to giving an arsonist a book of matches and wondering why there’s a fire.

If you really want change, you may need to actually find out what you want and how that is going to occur. Then you may need to find people that also want this change. Then you may need to band together, organize and take action that relates directly to bringing about the change you desire. Normally, this doesn’t require camping out unless you like marshmallows. A lot.

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The War Cult

Nothing justifies wrong action and delusion better than a cult. In fact, it’s the only thing that does. If you want someone to believe in what you’ve fabricated and act on your orders, you need to control their information, thinking, and environment.

Since soldiers are paid to believe in their cause, it makes it that much more powerful. No promises of heaven as part of the job – although like Islamic terrorists, they usually believe they ‘work for God’. This is enough to make a large percentage crazy enough to do anything. But, there are other reasons beyond just religion.

When you join the military, you are humiliated and controlled and beaten into the proper stimulus-response behavior that one needs for any trained animal. This removes most of your own thinking and determination and sets the pattern for how to behave. When the chips are down, much less thought and reflection will occur. Killing machines don’t have time for that – or they wouldn’t be very good killing machines, would they? So, the cult removes your ability to resist and have your own agenda – this is the first order of business.

Then ideas about their mission are re-iterated and pounded in. These are ideas like: they are there for a good reason and they are saving the world or doing something great for ‘democracy’ or some other vague and misunderstood concept that sounds lofty. This is re-iterated to the point of making a soldier self-righteous. So that when others advise the soldier to lay down their weapons and stop killing the innocents, they are offended. “How could you criticize my work when it is I that has given you freedom of speech?” Soldiers have forgotten that we are born with freedom of speech. It is only the lowly pawns – the soldiers – that are paid to deprive people of any freedoms. So, in reality soldiers only deprive people of their rights, they never give rights. The rights we have are given at birth. It is this kind of truth-twisting that the average human would be able to detect – except for the environment.

The environment can be the most insidious factor in keeping a soldier killing and invading without a second thought. It is the wives or husbands, the mother and father that are ‘so proud’ and the rest of the ignorant sheeple that praise and worship the most vile and destructive behavior on the planet – soldiering. There is a cult-ure in many parts of the USA that just praises a soldier regardless of their character and regardless of their behavior. You can go to Iraq or Afghanistan and blow up dozens of innocent people in their homes and come back a hero. The emotional support is usually very strong. If it weren’t, the whole house of cards would collapse faster than you can say Scientology.

So, what keeps the cult alive? Commercials to join. Lies about the mission. Worship from friends and family. A paycheck. Complete deception and manipulation about what is the actual truth of their job and its effect. Cover ups about the truth. The biggest factor, though, is the inertia of the human mind.

When it comes to re-thinking a lifestyle and changing one’s behavior, it takes a lot of incentives to do so. Swimming against the current. Anyone that has ever quit a cult or had to disagree with their family knows how hard it can be. A soldier’s world is built all around them and they get so many perks to do the tough things they do, that it is the very rare individual that can get out of the war cult. It may take some great trauma, seeing the results of their ‘work’ and having to look this catastrophe in the eye, to make a change. Something so ‘in your face’ that the brainwashed soldier must accept it and start to think for himself again. Then the house of cards collapses. But this is discouraged by the cult in many ways. All kinds of phrases and hoots and hollers stop the real thought from occurring. Any cult MUST stop any thinking that questions its actions.

And, as long as the soldier is getting paid, is surrounded by support for being a soldier and is controlled into submission by the military culture, his chances at liberation and freeing his/her mind are slim to none.

Instead of pleading and asking and marching alone, the most effective way to stop the soldiers and their commanders is to remove their funding. Stop paying them to play their war games. Vote for legislation that will drastically limit the actions of the killing machine. For those that won’t or can’t listen to reason, money is always more powerful than their ‘character’. Suddenly, these self-righteous will crumble into lemmings in an unemployment line. Then they can start to look for a real job. Not a cult.

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Of Breasts and Broccoli

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

I often tend to be a downer for people. I’m seen preaching things like ‘Social Responsibility’ and ‘Consciousness’ and I discourage things like too much TV and not getting to know your neighbors. This is a ‘downer’ because it is not as easy as watching someone put a ball in a basket or jump on huge balloons in a pond whilst wearing a bikini.

Challenges and reality shows aside, these topics can be separated into 2 groups: frivolous or serious. Although the guys on TV freak out on the sidelines when they ‘lose’ the ball, or corporations spend millions designing TV ads using cute girls to sell their web site, these things are actually frivolous. Whether they give some amount to charity or not, next to nothing is done to stop the 25,000 children that die each day from our neglect. But if you know me, you certainly know that and its the feeling most of us feel when we hear about ‘that’ which precipitates this topic.

Why are we attracted to the frivolous? Why does a child want the candy instead of the broccoli? Why do we want to indulge in inner impulses and compulsions over what we know to be ‘right’? Understand this point, and the mystery of discipline and human nature is forever solved. Here’s the secret: You have 3 Brains.

There is a basic one – called the ‘Reptilian Brian’ that handles heartbeat, breathing, bodily functions and basic survival like fight or flight. There’s a second brain which involves acting like a mammal that is appropriately called ‘The Mammalian Brain’. It involves making families, acting to defend one’s family and building strength and power like a lion on the hill. It helps with pride and survival as a mammal. It is emotional. The third brain is where we get concepts of fairness, creativity, and dreams of the future. The 3rd brain brings about plans and hopes and dreams and solutions to the human condition. Fear (1st Brain) may bring on prejudice and Pride (2nd) may bring on fences and walls, it is the 3rd Brain that has the compassion and love to tear them down and open one’s heart. It could be said that those who are driven by fear and greed are not in touch with their 3rd brain much at all. They usually don’t know they have one, so they are caught up in competitions and greed but they wear a nice suit and graduated with honors from some big, stupid, snobby university.

So, Lindsay Lohan intrigues us on a basic level about the challenges of a mammalian life full of big money, big breasts and big power. We learn and live vicariously through her. Our reptile brain wants to slow down and see the blood from an accident as a learning experience and more knowledge about death. We love to watch mindless TV programs to entertain us and keep us in a dream state so that we get a rest from unpleasant things like jobs and other necessities in this world.

So, when we hear about others in need, we ‘naturally’ avoid the topic. Only naturally if we are driven by our 1st and 2nd brains which never care about others unless they are our own kids/family. Some of us have connected the pleasure of helping others with a 2nd brain pleasure. But, most of us consider it to be a chore. So, BILLIONS is spent on sports and fashion and sitcoms and the stock market, while there aren’t enough pennies left over to save a child. Not enough time or energy left to meet the neighbors or help out with some local projects.

The dim-witted commoner needs so much pressure from a local problem before they respond. They will do almost anything to avoid problems in their neighborhood. In fact, millions walk by the starving daily on their way to work and never lift a single finger. But when it comes to picking out the outfit they’ll wear to an office party, they toil and fret.

Is this human nature? It certainly isn’t humane nature. It is more like human animal (1st and 2nd brain only) – not very evolved. We make choices each day what to do with our time and energy. When we were children, we had to learn responsibility. First for our bodies, then for our finances and other areas. We are still learning. Responsibility for our world is no less needed. When we look around, we see the seeds we’ve sown grow into mighty oaks like: oil crisis and ecological disaster and millions killed in frivolous wars.

You can’t deny we need to act with more responsibility as a race. We only need to pick up the responsibility and put down the TV remote a little more often. It’s our world. Its our choice.

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February 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Egypt. 4 Feb 2011.

We are seeing some great changes in Egypt. Like Tiananmen square was partly the result of the Berlin wall, Egypt is partly the result of Tunisia. Those who are cynics and skeptics about change take heed.

For starters, what happened in Tunisia recently? My research resulted in a few things. In 1987, Tunisia’s then President: Mr. Bourguiba, was kicked out of office for being senile. A man by the name of Ben Ali took over. Part of Tunisia’s ability to protest was from the many years of Bourguiba allowing equality of women and compulsory free education. He also made sure the law supported him as dictator. Ben Ali took advantage of his position as well and had the law changed so he could be re-elected. This, and the economic strife and lack of political freedom for others made the people upset and they started to protest. When the protests were matched by violent crackdown, the people demanded Ben Ali removed. He removed himself. He left the Prime Minister: Fouad Mebazaa as the interim president as of 15 Jan 2011. The revolution was called the ‘Facebook victory’ because so many people communicated on Facebook (36% of the population) and they used social media to organize and help each other. It should be noted that one man, Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire on 17 Dec 2010 as a protest to repressive government action taken against him and his business. Several others in other countries have followed suit, but without the impact he created. regardless, those that have made this sacrifice are being called: “heroic martyrs of a new Middle Eastern revolution”.

Here is a quote that exposes some vital aspects of Tunisia’s uprising: “Some critics stressed that because of Tunisia’s broad middle class, relatively secular culture and large number of educated young people with high expectations of their government, the Tunisian uprising was fundamentally different from the kinds of unrest found in neighboring countries, where popular discontent is often expressed in the language of Islam.” This was from an excellent article in the New York Times at:
Today, demonstrations and killings continue in Tunisia as people in a town called Kef try to remove the local police chief.

What about Egypt? Egypt’s protests began on 25 Jan 2011 and were inspired by their neighbors in Tunisia. They demanded their corrupt puppet leader that cooperated so well with Israel and the USA – Hosni Mubarak – step down. He said he would – later. The protest increased. He sent in people on horseback to terrorize the crowd. They still called for his immediate removal. He had people drive vans into crowds of protesters. They still sleep in the square and demand his removal. This is continuing today.

It is not known which direction this uprising by the Egyptian against the gang-government will take. It all depends upon the organization of the Egyptians. If individual people take responsibility for their own lives in the form of strong community, the Egyptian government, as it was, will not return. If they shout and become martyrs in the streets for a few weeks then elect a new leader to make decisions for their lives big and small, they will suffer the same fate as always. The USA and other big mouths continue their un-needed and un-wanted advice and meddling. This is up to the local people to decide. Not a single person living in a faraway land has a right to recommend and decide for them what they should do. But, we can speculate and try to learn.

Jordan, and Yemen have also had many demonstrations. The leader of Jordan replaced most of his government as a result. Extremists in the USA like Glen Back speak out in fear of Islam and other things they know nothing of. The Islamic brotherhood in Egypt may have some say in this revolt, but women and Christians in Egypt don’t fear them, why should anyone else become too alarmed?

One key thing to be aware of is that ANY unjust ruler that represses people through corrupt financial policy and repression of truth tellers like Julian Assange, that brings his people into unjust wars for deceptive reasons like George Bush or become a puppet for corporate powers, has their days numbered.

The next big bloody battle will be the fight over the internet. Most of us active on the internet can see this coming as it fueled uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Iran and beyond. As China has an iron hand on text messages for many years, all repressive governments will start to introduce legislation or pass laws to stop us from communicating and working together. This is the practice of cults and other repressive groups; cut off communication. Govs are no exception. Recognize it when it occurs. Find ways around it. No one on this earth has the right to control your freedom to communicate with anyone at any time. Even librarians.

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The Simple-Mindedness of Right and Wrong

December 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The Simple-Mindedness of Right and Wrong

Gandhi beat his wife. Jefferson stole land. Lincoln ordered the slaughtering of Native Americans.. Even the Constitution – like the Bible requires thought. As proud as you may be of the USA, it is stolen land that was taken by force and is kept by force. So was/is Israel. It wasn’t only the ‘Jews’ or the Palestinians without homes then and now. What about the Kurds? What about the Karen in Myanmar? What about the Hill tribes in Thailand? The aboriginals in Australia? Peace in the Middle East? So what. that’s only the beginning.

If you need to take sides, try to take the side of humanity. Of reason. Of patience and understanding. Work to eliminate prejudice as much as possible. Work to help people understand what it means to be a humane being – not a human animal. A murdering thug recently said: “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” So, there are only two possibilities? The right way (his way) or the wrong way? This can be called binary thinking. Binary thinking is a form of prejudice in that it can take a multi-faceted thing like a human being and simplify it down to one of two qualities. As if life were so simple. Those that want to control you, portray it as such. As if that weren’t bad enough, the danger of this simplifying is further compounded by a human being’s desire to avoid death and pain and to pursue joy and life. Bad, on a basic brain stem level means death and peril. Good equals yummy. If you don’t think we are stimulated by such simple concepts and driven to take action toward or away from them, ask anyone involved in advertising. Sex and death are the biggest two stimulants. They use it to subliminally advertise cigarettes and alcohol all the time.

Julain Assange and his Wikileaks have been in the news lately. It can be a test of one’s ability to think. Instead of hearing what the person has to say, many try to discredit him. This is as bad as accepting everything in the release as 100% true. Some cables may have been planted, none have yet been challenged. There is no absolute truth, but there are things that make sense. If you’ve lived in China and studied the culture, you don’t need Julian to help you understand that huge resources are put into cyber warfare. You don’t need Julian to tell you that diplomats spy on each other and say vulgar things.

If we pay attention to the world, we basically know how things work. No huge surprises come along. Those that yell black or white or right or wrong or label things Top Secret or Terrorist are pawns to be used by those in control. They are paid to spout BS on the internet and mislead others as much as possible. They dream up fantastic stories and every one in their world is labeled some kind of monster. It gets boring. It isn’t so simple. And it isn’t so complicated. But it does require each of us to think and draw our own conclusions.

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Got Wikileaks?

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Got Wikileaks? You should.

We don’t know who gave Julian Assange these 250 thousand plus telegrams, but they just got released. The US Guv is freaking out. Julian may be targeted for a car accident or some other mishap, but there’s much more going on here than meets the eye.

While the average ‘Joe’ and ‘Josephine’ around the world wonder if the revealed cables have anything as tasty as TSA’s naked photos of airline passengers or Lohan’s driving records, the rest of us see some other issues worth taking a look at.

1. Some people are trying to discredit the info in two ways. The first is to say that Julian raped a couple women on a recent trip. They want him for questioning. But the women retracted their statements. This guy is not a rapist and rape does not impact government secrets. Number two was some ingenius idea that Julian works for the CIA and that this is all some clever plot to mislead the public. Sorry. You can’t throw Bradly Manning in jail one day and say the info is fake the next. Trying to discredit Julian is good if you’re so emotionally messed up that you can’t finish a sentence without interrupting yourself.

2. Is it right to share this information? Damned right it is right. It is called accountability and any scumbag in the world is petrified of getting caught being the prick – or prickess – that he/she is. Don’t waste a single moment wondering if humanity deserves to know what their captors are really up to. And the criminals that bleed America and the world and order bombs to be dropped wherever and whenever they please need a spotlight so bright they won’t need a TSA groping.

3. Is it true? Read it. Think about it. If that doesn’t work, turn off Dancing with the Stars and concentrate. Read it and think about it some more. Discuss it. Come to know more about what the most powerful group of puppets and thugs in the world are up to, than you know about batting averages and the best place to get fresh pasta. It’s your job to know these things – unless you’re a hamster.

4. Is it relevant? The average human being is good. A bit asleep, but good. This information – like knowing how extinguish a fire or obtain food – can really come in handy when the chips are down. By the way, the chips are down. If you didn’t know that, read the news. Not too much, though. It’s very depressing. Check out the part where millions get killed by war machines and the world financial system collapsing. That’s kind of important stuff.

5. This is the biggie. Should I act on this? When Daniel Ellsberg revealed the huge pile of bullshit that the US Guv leaders were dumping down the throats of the American public trying to hide its dismal failure in Vietnam, what did the people do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The average person is a bit like a puppy. As long as he gets his food and a warm place to sleep and and an occasional petting, he doesn’t give a crap about anything or anybody else. This is called the Sheeple or Human Animals. They aren’t quite awake enough to know that their own inaction and moaning and groaning about their little world pretty much guarantees they will continue to get screwed by the evil bastards that put themselves in charge.

Which brings me to my final point. Most people will do nothing. They’ll get distracted by something mundane and trivial. A few will ‘like’ this. A few will nod their heads. A few like minds will share some thoughts. But I wonder about the human race. Is it ready to take action, or is it still in its herding phase. Most are concerned with searching for the greener grass of Britney’s love life or winning the lottery. For those that aren’t sure, take the pill that keeps you sleeping. Because if you’re not absolutely sure you want to know the truth, don’t risk it. Knowing the truth can put you in a rage each and every single day. And you have to be ready to handle that.

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