The Solution: An Introduction

Our world is in trouble. But, unless you live in a bubble, you already know this. You see terrorism, trouble in Sudan, you hear about diseases and the obesity epidemic. We are actively destroying our planet through pollutants, drilling and depleting our food supplies.

And then there’s the poverty: Half of humanity survives on less than 2 dollars a day. The above facts make it obvious that we are not advanced and civilized but are instead kind of disorganized. Things are kind of a mess with nobody in charge and nobody really knowing how to fix it.

We do have technology, though. We can fit a million transistors onto a chip, but a child dies every 5 seconds for lack of the basics. Something is wrong with this picture. In some ways we are very advanced, but in glaring ways, we seem almost savage.

The above may seem just too big to understand, much less tackle. But I have a challenge for you. The cause of the problem can be understood and, believe it or not, the problem can even be solved. In fact, the solution is easy and obvious.

Let me ask you this: Are you the kind of person that would want to be part of such an important solution? If so, read on. You can play a key part. If not, the rest of us will begin today and you will be welcome to follow along later is you so choose.

If you’ve decided to read on: Welcome. The rest of this message will give you an idea about what the solution is and how it works.

Why do it? The above problems continue unabated and are actually getting worse while we sit and watch TV – shaking our heads when the news comes on. We try to numb ourselves from the uncomfortable feelings using sitcoms, cheeseburgers and other distractions. But we need to get at the root. What is causing these problems? What is at the root?

It’s very simple: consciousness.

A great deal of us are simply living in a kind of bubble. Sure, if the pan on our stove is boiling over, we take action and turn it off. But if the problem involves something outside our home, we often ignore it. We leave it to others. We hope that politicians, school teachers, the police or even God will fix these things for us.

The result? It’s not working. We rely on the government to provide education, but millions graduate illiterate. We rely on others to protect our health, but cancer is rampant without a clear cause and the world is quickly getting fatter and less healthy. The key truth here is that we ‘rely on others’. We’ve become passive followers. With so many important aspects of our lives, we rely on some vague entity to do the hard work for us.

Is someone in charge? We can search all day and not find someone who is actually taking responsibility. Millions work in government jobs, but they are all still ‘passing the buck’. They live in a bubble, too. But what can I do? Do I have to be a hero?

Heroes. We hear stories of people who have made a difference in their neighborhood or taken on the big corporations or fought city hall and won. Movies and TV shows are made about these people. They write books and go on talk shows and share their story. Sure, it would be nice to have this kind of experience – to slay a dragon. But you and I don’t consider ourselves heroes. We are just average. We certainly have the desire, but there’s something lacking. So we sit.

Sometimes we complain and wish we could do something. Sometimes we numb ourselves, or get cynical and give up – even try to justify this mess as if it were meant to be or nothing should be done. Sometimes we get so low we even discourage others telling them: “You can’t fight city hall” and other mottos of the defeated.

But if you and I were in such a pitiful state, I wouldn’t have written this and you wouldn’t be reading it. You nd I still have a glimmer of hope in our hearts and in our spirit. But we need a little help.

Isn’t it truly strange that the earth is in such a bad state, but 99% of us have done so little to try to change things? Why? Is it because we are all so weak? Confused? Clueless? The answer is about civilization.

Truly Civilized Humanity is still in its infancy. Most leaders are focused on power and personal greed. Most individuals are followers instead of leaders. And most people are believers instead of thinkers. One decides to go to war, and the whole nation follows and goes on a murdering spree. The housewives work in factories building bombs and young men sign the bombs before they drop them on people they’ve never even met. For what? They don’t know. They are just doing their duty. They are being ‘loyal to their country’. A billion go shopping in rich countries for a new handbag or shoes while a billion go to bed each night hungry. Uncoordinated, unfocused, unaware and stuck in a rut. The shoppers are not evil and  the starving don’t deserve their condition. What can be done?

The Solution is here to solve this problem. The Solution provides an education, a framework and a strategy that is universal. That means anyone can be part of the solution instead of continuing as we have.

So, what is the solution exactly? Individuals changing from inactive or reactive followers to active, conscious, vibrant actualized beings. From couch potatoes to True Human beings. Aware, active, compassionate thinkers.

The Solution provides everything necessary to make this change. It just takes willingness to give it a try. Like learning to ride a bicycle or the first day of school. It’s necessary to take a chance to have a better life. Or, in this case, a better world. This transition is necessary to save our lives, fulfill our dreams, and save our planet.

It is a new culture of understanding and knowing that we must work together, knowing that we must be active, and helping others and in turn getting help in finding ways to make it happen. No one has to be a hero. Or a philosopher or a trail blazer or go someplace distant and dangerous and give up their life or risk being killed.

All one needs to do is keep in mind that a solution is possible and that it involves each of us taking part in our own way. A healthy and fun way. A rewarding way and a way that is not only completely comfortable and doable for each of us, but it brings meaning to life that nothing else ever will. If you are interested in joining this activity and being part of this solution, please read: ‘The Solution: An Invitation’.

Then immediately take action.


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