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Frustrating? You Bet.

The constant talk about the death of Gaddafi and the ‘freeing’ of the Libyan people is enough to drive one bonkers. The fact that one man is dead – violently murdered – has no direct connection to freeing anyone. People are still the same old self-imprisoning followers they always were and that will be demonstrated with Gaddafi’s replacement. The fact that one man can hold so much power is a clear proof of this fact.

Go ahead. Rejoice in murder and scape-goating, but the actual truth had been seen a thousand times. People are currently rioting and demonstrating and occupying around the world. Why isn’t this being mentioned in the same breath as the death of another leader? So few of us see the parallel. But whether you want to ignore that fact that Western countries around the world are experiencing the same thing as an Arab spring doesn’t make the truth go away.

The bottom line? Get ready for more. People are getting more informed despite this latest celebration of murder. This is why we see the Arab Spring and the Occupation of Wall street demonstrations around the world. It isn’t about any specific leaders or any new situation. It is about the basic ruling class dropping down another notch. First it was bloody conquerors, then Kings, then smiling and backstabbing premiers and presidents. With the knowledge of the power we we surrender becoming the power that hurts us, there is a leveling. This great leveling will continue as long as we communicate. The beginning of the end is here, and it can’t be stopped.

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