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An Effective Revolution or a Mob of Disgruntled Sheep?

An Effective Revolution or a Mob of Disgruntled Sheep?

How can you tell the difference? We may need to look at the definition of the word ‘Revolution’: 1. overthrow of government: the overthrow of a ruler or political system 2. major change: a dramatic change in ideas or practice (Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.)

Which definition applies to what is occurring in the Arab Spring countries? Is this what is happening on Wall Street? I doubt the ‘Occupiers’ intend to hunt down and murder Obama the way they seem to be doing with Gaddafi. In fact, I doubt the occupiers of Wall Street and their compatriots around the world have a clear idea about exactly what they want. This is exactly the point.

How do you get to your destination if you haven’t even defined it clearly?

Is there a plan?

What happens when you do capture the bad guys and force them to capitulate?

There are 5 key problems with the current revolutions around the world – be they the Arab spring or college kids camping out in front of City Hall:

1. If you are demonstrating to the leaders, you’ve already lost – you’re putting them in charge.
2. You haven’t a plan or alternate solution, so you’re asking others to make one – they’ll only make a ‘bad’ one.
3. If you really were interested in Revolution: either overthrowing the Gov or making big changes, you wouldn’t do it by marching unless marching and occupying and camping out was a way to advertise and point to your new plan.
4. There is no key organization because there is no key consensus because there is no way for the ‘people’ to communicate and create one.
5. Any real revolution will happen when individuals realize it is their responsibility and they peacefully build a viable replacement for they system they want changed.

Any of the ‘revolutions’ you see on TV lately, including those since the start in Tunisia on December 17th, 2010, are doomed to very minimal success because of the 5 key points above. For people to have a fair share of the money, or the power, or the resources, they need to understand how the world works (at least the basics) and be part of a group that asserts justice by them and for them.

Have you seen the graphic of the group of little fish coming to eat the big fish? This signifies groups being able to overtake the current big bad bullies. But, it misses a key point: by recognizing and obeying the big bad bullies, we keep them in place. And, number two: these big bad bullies are organized. They have troops they pay with real money that shoot real bullets. If you take over the head, but leave the rest of the population unarmed and powerless, you will always have just another big bad bully in charge. If everyone is given the power to shoot. If everyone is given the power to vote and to lead, there is no need for the big bad bully and he no longer has any power.

Germany could have done much better in the mid 1930’s if the people had a way to communicate and they recognized it was their responsibility to do so. So many millions dead later, Germany lost more than it hoped to gain. After 9/11 a similar nightmare occurred. The USA is no longer on top financially and millions are dead as a result of mis-directed aggression and frustration. The owners of the bombs and their makers and bankers will never provide peace for the common person. They will make soldiers of them so they can maintain their lifestyle. This is similar to giving an arsonist a book of matches and wondering why there’s a fire.

If you really want change, you may need to actually find out what you want and how that is going to occur. Then you may need to find people that also want this change. Then you may need to band together, organize and take action that relates directly to bringing about the change you desire. Normally, this doesn’t require camping out unless you like marshmallows. A lot.


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