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The War Cult

Nothing justifies wrong action and delusion better than a cult. In fact, it’s the only thing that does. If you want someone to believe in what you’ve fabricated and act on your orders, you need to control their information, thinking, and environment.

Since soldiers are paid to believe in their cause, it makes it that much more powerful. No promises of heaven as part of the job – although like Islamic terrorists, they usually believe they ‘work for God’. This is enough to make a large percentage crazy enough to do anything. But, there are other reasons beyond just religion.

When you join the military, you are humiliated and controlled and beaten into the proper stimulus-response behavior that one needs for any trained animal. This removes most of your own thinking and determination and sets the pattern for how to behave. When the chips are down, much less thought and reflection will occur. Killing machines don’t have time for that – or they wouldn’t be very good killing machines, would they? So, the cult removes your ability to resist and have your own agenda – this is the first order of business.

Then ideas about their mission are re-iterated and pounded in. These are ideas like: they are there for a good reason and they are saving the world or doing something great for ‘democracy’ or some other vague and misunderstood concept that sounds lofty. This is re-iterated to the point of making a soldier self-righteous. So that when others advise the soldier to lay down their weapons and stop killing the innocents, they are offended. “How could you criticize my work when it is I that has given you freedom of speech?” Soldiers have forgotten that we are born with freedom of speech. It is only the lowly pawns – the soldiers – that are paid to deprive people of any freedoms. So, in reality soldiers only deprive people of their rights, they never give rights. The rights we have are given at birth. It is this kind of truth-twisting that the average human would be able to detect – except for the environment.

The environment can be the most insidious factor in keeping a soldier killing and invading without a second thought. It is the wives or husbands, the mother and father that are ‘so proud’ and the rest of the ignorant sheeple that praise and worship the most vile and destructive behavior on the planet – soldiering. There is a cult-ure in many parts of the USA that just praises a soldier regardless of their character and regardless of their behavior. You can go to Iraq or Afghanistan and blow up dozens of innocent people in their homes and come back a hero. The emotional support is usually very strong. If it weren’t, the whole house of cards would collapse faster than you can say Scientology.

So, what keeps the cult alive? Commercials to join. Lies about the mission. Worship from friends and family. A paycheck. Complete deception and manipulation about what is the actual truth of their job and its effect. Cover ups about the truth. The biggest factor, though, is the inertia of the human mind.

When it comes to re-thinking a lifestyle and changing one’s behavior, it takes a lot of incentives to do so. Swimming against the current. Anyone that has ever quit a cult or had to disagree with their family knows how hard it can be. A soldier’s world is built all around them and they get so many perks to do the tough things they do, that it is the very rare individual that can get out of the war cult. It may take some great trauma, seeing the results of their ‘work’ and having to look this catastrophe in the eye, to make a change. Something so ‘in your face’ that the brainwashed soldier must accept it and start to think for himself again. Then the house of cards collapses. But this is discouraged by the cult in many ways. All kinds of phrases and hoots and hollers stop the real thought from occurring. Any cult MUST stop any thinking that questions its actions.

And, as long as the soldier is getting paid, is surrounded by support for being a soldier and is controlled into submission by the military culture, his chances at liberation and freeing his/her mind are slim to none.

Instead of pleading and asking and marching alone, the most effective way to stop the soldiers and their commanders is to remove their funding. Stop paying them to play their war games. Vote for legislation that will drastically limit the actions of the killing machine. For those that won’t or can’t listen to reason, money is always more powerful than their ‘character’. Suddenly, these self-righteous will crumble into lemmings in an unemployment line. Then they can start to look for a real job. Not a cult.

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