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Egypt. 4 Feb 2011.

We are seeing some great changes in Egypt. Like Tiananmen square was partly the result of the Berlin wall, Egypt is partly the result of Tunisia. Those who are cynics and skeptics about change take heed.

For starters, what happened in Tunisia recently? My research resulted in a few things. In 1987, Tunisia’s then President: Mr. Bourguiba, was kicked out of office for being senile. A man by the name of Ben Ali took over. Part of Tunisia’s ability to protest was from the many years of Bourguiba allowing equality of women and compulsory free education. He also made sure the law supported him as dictator. Ben Ali took advantage of his position as well and had the law changed so he could be re-elected. This, and the economic strife and lack of political freedom for others made the people upset and they started to protest. When the protests were matched by violent crackdown, the people demanded Ben Ali removed. He removed himself. He left the Prime Minister: Fouad Mebazaa as the interim president as of 15 Jan 2011. The revolution was called the ‘Facebook victory’ because so many people communicated on Facebook (36% of the population) and they used social media to organize and help each other. It should be noted that one man, Mohamed Bouazizi, who set himself on fire on 17 Dec 2010 as a protest to repressive government action taken against him and his business. Several others in other countries have followed suit, but without the impact he created. regardless, those that have made this sacrifice are being called: “heroic martyrs of a new Middle Eastern revolution”.

Here is a quote that exposes some vital aspects of Tunisia’s uprising: “Some critics stressed that because of Tunisia’s broad middle class, relatively secular culture and large number of educated young people with high expectations of their government, the Tunisian uprising was fundamentally different from the kinds of unrest found in neighboring countries, where popular discontent is often expressed in the language of Islam.” This was from an excellent article in the New York Times at: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/international/countriesandterritories/tunisia/index.html?offset=0&s=newest
Today, demonstrations and killings continue in Tunisia as people in a town called Kef try to remove the local police chief.

What about Egypt? Egypt’s protests began on 25 Jan 2011 and were inspired by their neighbors in Tunisia. They demanded their corrupt puppet leader that cooperated so well with Israel and the USA – Hosni Mubarak – step down. He said he would – later. The protest increased. He sent in people on horseback to terrorize the crowd. They still called for his immediate removal. He had people drive vans into crowds of protesters. They still sleep in the square and demand his removal. This is continuing today.

It is not known which direction this uprising by the Egyptian against the gang-government will take. It all depends upon the organization of the Egyptians. If individual people take responsibility for their own lives in the form of strong community, the Egyptian government, as it was, will not return. If they shout and become martyrs in the streets for a few weeks then elect a new leader to make decisions for their lives big and small, they will suffer the same fate as always. The USA and other big mouths continue their un-needed and un-wanted advice and meddling. This is up to the local people to decide. Not a single person living in a faraway land has a right to recommend and decide for them what they should do. But, we can speculate and try to learn.

Jordan, and Yemen have also had many demonstrations. The leader of Jordan replaced most of his government as a result. Extremists in the USA like Glen Back speak out in fear of Islam and other things they know nothing of. The Islamic brotherhood in Egypt may have some say in this revolt, but women and Christians in Egypt don’t fear them, why should anyone else become too alarmed?

One key thing to be aware of is that ANY unjust ruler that represses people through corrupt financial policy and repression of truth tellers like Julian Assange, that brings his people into unjust wars for deceptive reasons like George Bush or become a puppet for corporate powers, has their days numbered.

The next big bloody battle will be the fight over the internet. Most of us active on the internet can see this coming as it fueled uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Iran and beyond. As China has an iron hand on text messages for many years, all repressive governments will start to introduce legislation or pass laws to stop us from communicating and working together. This is the practice of cults and other repressive groups; cut off communication. Govs are no exception. Recognize it when it occurs. Find ways around it. No one on this earth has the right to control your freedom to communicate with anyone at any time. Even librarians.

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