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The Simple-Mindedness of Right and Wrong

The Simple-Mindedness of Right and Wrong

Gandhi beat his wife. Jefferson stole land. Lincoln ordered the slaughtering of Native Americans.. Even the Constitution – like the Bible requires thought. As proud as you may be of the USA, it is stolen land that was taken by force and is kept by force. So was/is Israel. It wasn’t only the ‘Jews’ or the Palestinians without homes then and now. What about the Kurds? What about the Karen in Myanmar? What about the Hill tribes in Thailand? The aboriginals in Australia? Peace in the Middle East? So what. that’s only the beginning.

If you need to take sides, try to take the side of humanity. Of reason. Of patience and understanding. Work to eliminate prejudice as much as possible. Work to help people understand what it means to be a humane being – not a human animal. A murdering thug recently said: “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” So, there are only two possibilities? The right way (his way) or the wrong way? This can be called binary thinking. Binary thinking is a form of prejudice in that it can take a multi-faceted thing like a human being and simplify it down to one of two qualities. As if life were so simple. Those that want to control you, portray it as such. As if that weren’t bad enough, the danger of this simplifying is further compounded by a human being’s desire to avoid death and pain and to pursue joy and life. Bad, on a basic brain stem level means death and peril. Good equals yummy. If you don’t think we are stimulated by such simple concepts and driven to take action toward or away from them, ask anyone involved in advertising. Sex and death are the biggest two stimulants. They use it to subliminally advertise cigarettes and alcohol all the time.

Julain Assange and his Wikileaks have been in the news lately. It can be a test of one’s ability to think. Instead of hearing what the person has to say, many try to discredit him. This is as bad as accepting everything in the release as 100% true. Some cables may have been planted, none have yet been challenged. There is no absolute truth, but there are things that make sense. If you’ve lived in China and studied the culture, you don’t need Julian to help you understand that huge resources are put into cyber warfare. You don’t need Julian to tell you that diplomats spy on each other and say vulgar things.

If we pay attention to the world, we basically know how things work. No huge surprises come along. Those that yell black or white or right or wrong or label things Top Secret or Terrorist are pawns to be used by those in control. They are paid to spout BS on the internet and mislead others as much as possible. They dream up fantastic stories and every one in their world is labeled some kind of monster. It gets boring. It isn’t so simple. And it isn’t so complicated. But it does require each of us to think and draw our own conclusions.

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