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Got Wikileaks?

Got Wikileaks? You should.

We don’t know who gave Julian Assange these 250 thousand plus telegrams, but they just got released. The US Guv is freaking out. Julian may be targeted for a car accident or some other mishap, but there’s much more going on here than meets the eye.

While the average ‘Joe’ and ‘Josephine’ around the world wonder if the revealed cables have anything as tasty as TSA’s naked photos of airline passengers or Lohan’s driving records, the rest of us see some other issues worth taking a look at.

1. Some people are trying to discredit the info in two ways. The first is to say that Julian raped a couple women on a recent trip. They want him for questioning. But the women retracted their statements. This guy is not a rapist and rape does not impact government secrets. Number two was some ingenius idea that Julian works for the CIA and that this is all some clever plot to mislead the public. Sorry. You can’t throw Bradly Manning in jail one day and say the info is fake the next. Trying to discredit Julian is good if you’re so emotionally messed up that you can’t finish a sentence without interrupting yourself.

2. Is it right to share this information? Damned right it is right. It is called accountability and any scumbag in the world is petrified of getting caught being the prick – or prickess – that he/she is. Don’t waste a single moment wondering if humanity deserves to know what their captors are really up to. And the criminals that bleed America and the world and order bombs to be dropped wherever and whenever they please need a spotlight so bright they won’t need a TSA groping.

3. Is it true? Read it. Think about it. If that doesn’t work, turn off Dancing with the Stars and concentrate. Read it and think about it some more. Discuss it. Come to know more about what the most powerful group of puppets and thugs in the world are up to, than you know about batting averages and the best place to get fresh pasta. It’s your job to know these things – unless you’re a hamster.

4. Is it relevant? The average human being is good. A bit asleep, but good. This information – like knowing how extinguish a fire or obtain food – can really come in handy when the chips are down. By the way, the chips are down. If you didn’t know that, read the news. Not too much, though. It’s very depressing. Check out the part where millions get killed by war machines and the world financial system collapsing. That’s kind of important stuff.

5. This is the biggie. Should I act on this? When Daniel Ellsberg revealed the huge pile of bullshit that the US Guv leaders were dumping down the throats of the American public trying to hide its dismal failure in Vietnam, what did the people do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The average person is a bit like a puppy. As long as he gets his food and a warm place to sleep and and an occasional petting, he doesn’t give a crap about anything or anybody else. This is called the Sheeple or Human Animals. They aren’t quite awake enough to know that their own inaction and moaning and groaning about their little world pretty much guarantees they will continue to get screwed by the evil bastards that put themselves in charge.

Which brings me to my final point. Most people will do nothing. They’ll get distracted by something mundane and trivial. A few will ‘like’ this. A few will nod their heads. A few like minds will share some thoughts. But I wonder about the human race. Is it ready to take action, or is it still in its herding phase. Most are concerned with searching for the greener grass of Britney’s love life or winning the lottery. For those that aren’t sure, take the pill that keeps you sleeping. Because if you’re not absolutely sure you want to know the truth, don’t risk it. Knowing the truth can put you in a rage each and every single day. And you have to be ready to handle that.

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