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Are we all Nazi’s?

How did Nazi Germany occur? How did the leaders inspire an entire nation of people to invade other countries and kill entire groups of human beings just because they were gay or Romani or Jehovah’s Witnesses? How did they actually persuade soldiers to do the terrible things they did?

You see, not only are we allowing our own government to abuse its own people, but this abuse goes to other countries as well. Here are some key similarities to the USA and Nazi Germany.

We support and fund illegal occupation. We ignore how our money is used to kill, destroy, and invade foreign countries like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We pay people to kidnap and send suspects to other countries so they can be tortured.

We allow our government to pass laws that invade personal privacy and liberty based upon fabricated and exaggerated vague threats like terrorism. We vote to allow wiretapping and spying by using computers attached to our vehicles. Now, the police have taken to using camcorders at peaceful protests.

We submit to abuse by the Gov like invasive and abusive TSA pat downs and we do nothing about it – except for maybe a few comments on fb or to friends while we have lunch.

We have become prejudice against certain groups of people and are boldly demonstrating against all people of a given group like Muslims by calling them all terrorists. We’re being arrogant and racist by asking them to be sensitive where they build their places of worship while we are insensitive enough to label them all terrorists and control where they build their places of worship. Next, perhaps we will say they are being insensitive by wearing certain clothes and walking where they walk. Perhaps they will also be labeled insensitive by drinking from our same water fountains?

What can WE do? How is it MY fault? Is it up to ME?

Depending upon how you look at it, these things can get really political and complicated. Who among us has the time to become an expert on Nazi Germany and all the things that were going on then? How can one person be smart enough and objective enough to say exactly what can and should be done? Isn’t this just a big vague possibility that no one can really do anything about?

There is only one key thing that is at the heart of the matter. It is being passive and cooperative and not wanting to question or challenge authority. When the police do abusive things to citizens, if we ignore it and don’t investigate, that’s being more sheep than human. We often don’t see this until it happens to us directly. At this point you see how powerless you are against the Gov. and police and the system. There are thousands of people sitting in prison right now that know the truth of this.

One thing we can do is make a choice. Will we be passive until it is too late, or will we decide to be part of the solution? Will we wait until we are the victim ourselves? Or will we pay attention to what is going on and learn what we can when we can?

The choice takes a few seconds to make. Action that makes a difference in your life and that of others can be done in moments. Nazi Germany came about because the people didn’t inform themselves and allowed themselves to be led into a war that killed 7 million Germans alone. Because they thought they had something more important going on.

This isn’t about fighting the police or politicians or waging war with anything or anyone. This isn’t about good guys and bad guys because the only real evil here is being passive. Being like sheep where greed and fear are allowed to take over. It is about seeing the good in everyone. And exposing the wrong choices that hurt us all. It is about building peace and community. It is about love – not hate. Embracing instead of condemning. It is about creating the world we want to live in – instead of hiding and shrinking from our own responsibility as humane beings.

To learn more, visit The Solution is ‘me’: http://www.thesolutionis.me

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