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52 Sundays.

The idea that the world will become a better place, that all the major problems will be solved is based upon most of us waking up. It doesn’t have to be all of us. There will always be exceptions like the criminally insane and hopelessly unconscious. However, huge differences will be felt when our numbers reach in the millions. Currently Facebook has over 500 Million members that take part once per day – for 55 minutes. And, although Facebook has a revenue of about 1 billion dollars per year, we aren’t looking for that at The Solution. We giggle at the thought of 1 Billion Active Members, though. But, first things first.

The ridiculously silly thing is this. We can change the world in a few minutes per week. I pick Sundays. I like Sundays. Sunday is my day to catch up on email, plan the next week, get in touch with friends and do something good in the world. With a few seconds and a few clicks, you can help someone out with a cup of water or rice. Depending upon your area of interest, there are literally millions of things you can do – all of them easier than the 55 minutes people are spending on Facebook per day. 500 Million of them. That’s about 458 Million hours per day. When we look at this kind of power, doesn’t it seem like a good idea to get on the bandwagon and start a regular routine at doing something once per week or even once per day?

There are 52 Sundays in a year. If the number of Facebook users spent one hour per week helping others instead of what they usually do on fb, that’s 458 Million hours contributed per week. That’s almost 24 Billion hours per year. At that rate, Haiti could be rebuilt. Pakistan would transform. And the 22,000 children that die each day because we chose fb instead of helping out? It will come to zero very fast. Local neighborhoods will get safer and friendlier, politicians will finally be held accountable, and education systems will be transformed. This will all happen when we direct our energy toward something worthwhile and we persist. We learn. We take action. We make our voice heard and encourage others to do the same. As a result, the world economy will take a surprising and positive turn.

What did you do last year? How did you spend your 52 Sundays?

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