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The System is Broken.

The System is Broken.

You know the story of the King’s new clothes. He didn’t have any. He was naked. But the townspeople were afraid to say that. They were afraid to talk about it or tell anyone. Not even each other.

I live in Malaysia these days. Not with the cash-laden expats in Kuala Lumpur, but with the locals in a smaller town. A tourist town. And the locals are Chinese. Not only Chinese blood but Chinese culture. More chock full of dragony goodness than the ones I got to know in China for 10 years. The Chinese have just taken over the economy by 80% in a Malaysian island called Penang. Some even say the Malays – who dominate the Gov, military and police by at least 90% – are afraid to go there. My Malay friends deny it. I believe it. The Malays in general don’t much like the Chinese here and the Chinese haven’t much respect for anyone but themselves. Bribery, lawlessness, gangsters, tribalism are rampant. And you know what? This province was just announced a ‘developed area’. The local king – they don’t act like public servants here – is beaming with pride – and all his fellow… can I say ‘cronies’? are beaming in harmony like gaudy neon lights. There’s just one problem. You won’t find a single citizen that has an ounce of respect for their Gov. In fact, the immediate response from any fair citizen is that their Gov is corrupt to the core. The Malays that run it are – despite their uniform arrogance and pride – in the pockets of the Chinese and their money. They will say that unless, of course, the ISA is listening. The ISA is Malaysia’s version of the Gestapo or CIA. They are there to make sure no one openly points out the flaws and corruption by swiftly throwing them in jail or worse. People just disappear. Poof. It works, too. Corrupt leaders have absolutely no accountability to anyone. Everywhere you go, there are paper forms to fill out for complaints, but no one reads them or gives a damn about what the forms say much less the people who wasted time filling them out.

But, what’s the point here? Am I just grumbling about Malaysia? Nope. I could just as easily point out how the Chinese Gov boasts the fastest train and computer today, but they jail not only free speakers, but their wives as well. They’ve also pulled off a special trick which makes China truly dangerous: they’ve convinced over 1.3 billion from within and abroad that they are right. Or, I could complain about Thailand, too. The ‘land of smiles’ that are believed sincere only to the short timers. The cash-rich visitors that are so impressed with the friendliness. The ones that haven’t seen the daily hit and runs of motorbikes by cars (part of the ‘culture’) or the policemen that write tickets for obviously fabricated violations so they can raise money for an upcoming party. Foreigners are killed all the time in Thailand. Some the fault of a basically corrupt system. Some the fault of their own drunken and sex-addicted stupidity. But I digress. It isn’t only Malaysia or China or any single country. It’s everywhere. Everywhere.

The systems we’ve created by our actions or passivity the world over are broken. Even the countries of Scandinavia which were traditionally the stronghold of high taxes but wonderful infrastructure are crumbling under the weight of immigration. Local residents are fleeing to other countries and lamenting their culture forever ruined by the fuzzy outsiders flocking in and exploiting their once extraordinary social services. Even their systems are broken.

Take the new rush to bring the U.S. leadership back under domination by the Republicans. Does anyone actually think that will make any difference? Perhaps those that are still under the fantasy that banks don’t create wars, and corporations don’t control leaders. But the rest of us know better. Rearrange the deck chairs, but this Titanic is still going down. While G. W. Bush sat and read a children’s book, Saudi’s with box cutters hit the world trade center in time for the controlled demo. Then his approval skyrocketed. Perhaps the only way to top him is to be a fireman sleeping while the city burns down. But this gets to the crux of the matter.

If citizens buy into a system that is called a democracy, but is designed to make the public powerless, what do they deserve? If humanity in general is more interested in reality TV or the affairs of Movie stars or going shopping, why should they get anything else but crooked rulers, incompetent puppets and police states? Yes, the system is broken. But which system are we talking about? This goes much deeper than some form of government or political party. Incremental changes to the systems we have now, are equal to moving the deck chairs on the Titanic ‘just a bit’. What is required is radical change. Radical change not by others, but by us. By ‘me’.

There are 4 steps that will be taken to transform the world from its present mess into one that works. First, the awareness that things are broken. Unless we acknowledge a problem, there’s no chance of solving it. Next we need to see our part in it and realize it is not up to others, it is up to ‘me’. Thirdly, a course that fits each of us needs to be chosen, and commitments made to consistently take action. Finally, this approach needs to be shared with others so that they, too, can contribute.

The system of being an armchair quarterback or couch potato or grumbler is broken. It doesn’t work. The only system that can work is conscious awareness by each of us and acting with social responsibility. Go ahead and vote if you like, then decide to do something that matters even more. Become socially responsible.

– Matthew Rover matthewthesolutionis.me http://www.thesolutionis.me

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